Vetiver Tracking App (iVGT)

International Vetiver Grass Tracking System: iVGT will help you discover vetiver sites around the world.

Not only does iVGT provide you with detailed information about vetiver sites such as project name, location name, vetiver type, planting pattern, geography coordinate, amount of grass, purpose of use and more. We also provide user to search vetiver sites with giving conditions to make the search more specific.

Awaiting approval by Apple for iOS Devices

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  • Display vetiver projects around the world with projects description.
  • Show the position of vetiver sites with the different symbols, vetiver type, purpose of use and planting pattern.
  • Work with map data from various online services including satellite imagery, map of topography, road map and administrative boundary (Bing Map, Open Street Map).
  • Able to search for the vetiver sites with giving conditions.
  • The app can access to a GPS/GNSS coordinate on mobile devices to help the user search for the vetiver sites near to the current location of a mobile device.
  • Able to share information on social media such as Facebook.

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