About The Vetiver Network West Indies (TVNWI)

The goal of The Vetiver Network West Indies (TNVWI) is to make knowledge and accessibility to vetiver grass and The Vetiver System (VS) more widely available throughout the Caribbean. It is meant to operate as a regional platform working alongside and in support of The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) – a non-profit organization which shares similar goals on the global scale and has been in operation for over 25 years, with members in 100+ countries.

TVNWI will serve to:

Showcase the work of existing organizations and individuals leading projects in the Caribbean region, which are making use of vetiver grass for projects in a significant way;

Share knowledge on The Vetiver System (VS) and its presence in each country throughout the West Indies, and allow connectivity of interested persons and organizations from all sectors (individuals, communities, private, governmental or donor organizations) who are interested in learning more about, and/or making use of VS solutions on projects;

Provide greater opportunity for connectivity of suppliers of vetiver grass, providers of Vetiver System (VS) expertise, and producers of vetiver handicrafts to potential clients and project partners wishing to collaborate, or purchase their good and services.

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