The Vetiver Network West Indies (TVNWI) aims to promote knowledge about vetiver grass and the Vetiver System (VS) throughout the Caribbean, and serve as a connective platform, to grow accessibility to plant suppliers, expertise and to link  projects and stakeholders to help fuel expansion and growth of this green and cost-effective solution for the benefit of all. TVNWI operates as a regional platform working alongside and in support of The Vetiver Network International (TVNI) – a global non-profit organization which shares similar goals and has been in operation for over 25 years, with members from over 100+ countries.

What Is Vetiver?

Vetiver grass is a unique tropical plant species whose roots can grow to 10+ feet deep within two (2) years and which can serve as a powerful bio-engineering tool to tackle a wide range of soil and water-related challenges, when implemented correctly according to the Vetiver System (VS). The plant is diverse with various other uses as well, including the production of essential oils and perfumes from its fragrant roots, medicinal, sustainable handicrafts, and as such can now be found on over 100 countries throughout the tropical and sub-tropical world. Vetiver grass is certified non-invasive by the USDA.

Collaborating Partners

The development and launch of
The Vetiver Network West Indies (TVNWI)
web platform was supported by
The British High Commission.

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